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About Us

We are a family owned E-commerce company with headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. Apart from AutoShades.com (which we acquired in 2010 from the founder, we also own and operate several other websites such as: www.WeLoveBettyBoop.com, www.ILoveLucySuperstore.com, www.Giftapolis.com, www.Popeystore.com and www.shopknuckleheads.com just to name a few.

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We invite you to take a look at our products. Not only will you find the absolute best, highest quality, most efficient and most economically priced sunshades at AutoShades.com, but also many unique,  practical and fun auto accessories that we are pleased to introduce to you.

Thank you for shopping with us - we appreciate your business!

Best regards,
Jan & Tina Rolin Frederiksen



A letter from Our Founder:

Dear Friend

I started Solar e-clips Auto Shades about ten years ago largely motivated by one cause – after investing a lot of money in a new vehicle, I cringed at the thought of the everyday sun destroying the outside and inside of my new investment as it sat in a parking lot, at the mall, or at the golf course. I also was tired of opening my passenger door and feeling that familiar blast of hot air, only to know that I now had to sit down in that oven and attempt to drive. There HAD to be an autoshade that could help. But I was so disappointed by what was available on the market. Some of the autoshades I bought and tried did keep the sun off my dashboard, but they were so flimsy and awkward to handle that they became dog-eared and torn after just a few months. Others were durable enough, but were difficult to unfold, put up on my windshield, and then collapse again when I needed to drive. Storage for the shades was always a problem, even though my back seat was not always full of kids or pets. I knew I needed a different kind of sunshade - one that would be extremely practical, efficient, easy to operate, and best of all, convenient.

That is how our famous Jupiter shade was born, and we have delighted thousands of customers with that shade ever since. After the successful marketing of our side window shades, the Venus, Triton and a nifty little sun curtain called the SunFade, we embarked on our biggest effort to date – the Europa Mark I shade for the rear window. Responses have been overwhelming as customers discover a shade they’ve been looking for for years.


Victor Bohonos